Our Approach - The 4 C's


Young Life began with a few simple ideas about sharing the truth of God’s love with adolescents. Almost seven decades later, those simple ideas have become time-tested methods for reaching out to middle school, high school and college students in friendship and hope.   

Caring for Kids — Contact Work

Because kids don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care, Young Life leaders show they care by going where kids are, meeting them as they are, believing in who they can be. Our amazing group of volunteer leaders pursue and build friendships with young people in the hallways at school, on the basketball court, and even on the street corners.  We also set up work days for the volunteers and kids to serve the neighborhood and city togehter.  Within Young Life we call the persistent going out into the world of kids “contact work.” But kids just call it friendship.  We walk alongside young people through some of the most critical stages of life.

A Party with a Purpose — Club

What is it about Young Life club that makes it the best night of the week for our teenage friends? We like to think of it as a party with a purpose. Club is a celebration of relationships our leaders build with young people throughout the week.   It's controlled chaos that’s almost impossible to describe, but kids know it when they see it. Its a safe and positive environment for kids to let down their guard and play, laugh, and sing like a kids are meant to do.  And before the party ends, we share a simple message about God’s love for them. After all, that’s what the celebration is all about.

The Best Week of Their Life — Camp

Kids consistently tell us that Young Life camp is the best week of their life. That’s a rousing (and unsolicited) endorsement! But how else would you describe a week where deep relationships are forged in the midst of mind-boggling fun and where you experience and listen to what we believe is the greatest love story ever told?  As we engage with a community of young people, we get the opportunity to experience an incredible adventure together at camp.  Kids get to retreat from their chaotic, adolescent lives to a place that was made just for them.  Each aspect of camp is intentionally set up our for kids to experience love, forgiveness and an invitation into Life Abundantly.  Summer camp is an explosion of messy lives and the Good News of God's Love through a realness and joy that many kids have never experienced.  We get to share this experience together with our students, discover Christ where we are at, then come home and continue our journey of faith and life together. 

A Time to Question, Learn and Grow — Campaigners

Campaigners (a name that points back to the early days when Young Life was referred to as “The Young Life Campaign”) is a weekly meeting for kids and leaders to come together to discuss and grow in their faith through study, service and leadership development. Campaigners, for many students is their first time in a Christian community...which usually ends up looking like a big family reunion!  We also help our kids grow in their faith through participation in a local church.  

We are comitted to helping young people in the city discover their identity in Christ and providing the following  opportunities to raise them up into leaders of faith and character:

  • Discipleship/Adult Mentor
  • Student Leadership training at local school
  • Serving at a Young Life camp through Work Crew  and Summer Staff
  • Student Leadership Project for incoming seniors in high school.
  • Student Staff positions during college
  • Latino Student Staff to train and develop young Latino leaders

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