SAFE DRIVERS: So every kid will get home safe...​​

Our students are extremely mobile, traveling all over the city for school each day.  For the most part, public transportation during the day is a safe way to get around. When we hold Young Life activities after school, we try to finish at a decent hour so students can get home safely before curfew. But this becomes an issue when we do activities on the weekends that don't get over until 9pm or after. 

This is where you come in!  We believe every young person that spends time with us at YL deserves to experience joy and peace while we are together, and until they arrive home.  Many of students live in neighborhoods that are violent and filled with gang presence.  When students take public transportation home after 9pm, there is a much greater risk of them being caught up in dangerous situations.

As a Safe Driver, you can help ensure our high school friends arrive home safely.  Its a great time to get to know their story, what is going on in their life, and where they call home.  Its a way to connect to and pray for young people in the city, and in turn experience the realities of life for our students. Its a provide a great service, and in turn grow in your walk with Christ, your heart for young people, and your connection to life in the city.

Interested in being a Safe Driver?  Email us your name and phone number at and we'll get you started with some brief paperwork and training so you are certified and ready to roll.  See the process below...

To do: Driver Questionnaire (DQ)

Want to drive a vehicle for Young Life?

Safe driving is a high priority to Young Life. We are committed to ensuring that kids are driven to and from Young Life functions by qualified drivers with safe driving records. If you drive for business purposes, you should also have a questionnaire on file.In order to drive for Young Life, you must complete EACH of these four steps.
  • View the "Driving with Excellence" Safe Driving Video every time you renew your application.
  • Review the Driver Requirements and Vehicle Maintenance Policy in the Young Life Safety Manual.
  • Complete the eLearning Defensive Driving Course every time you renew your application.
  • Complete the Driver Questionnaire Application; submit a release form (required) if your license is from these states: AK, DE, DC, HI, NH, PA and WA.

    Step 1: "Driving with Excellence"

    All Young Life staff and volunteers must view the "Driving with Excellence" Safe Driving Video. This video can be viewed online or ordered through Mission Assistance or Resources and Supplies.

    Step 2: Review the Policy

    Please be sure to review the Driver Requirements and Vehicle Maintenance Policy in the Young Life Safety Manual.

    Step 3: Defensive Driving

    We have an eLearning Defensive Driving Course that will only take a few minutes for you to complete. This will qualify for the requirement that anyone driving for Young Life must have taken a defensive driving course. Please be sure to fill out the Driver Questionnaire Application (Step 4) as well.

    Step 4: Driver Questionnaire Application

    All staff and volunteers who drive for Young Life are required to complete a driver questionnaire every three years. You must submit your application online, where you may also access your record to see when you need to renew. No paper applications are accepted. 
    Volunteers may also submit their driver questionnaires. If any of your volunteers don't have Staff Resources Site accounts through which to log in, area directors or "responsible parties" may create accounts for them in the Volunteers Manager Application.
    If any driver is ineligible, the area director (or responsible party for that area) and the driver will receive notification of ineligibility via e-mail. The driver will also receive a copy of the motor vehicle report and a resubmittal date.


    • Driver Requirements - Learn capabilities of the DQ program: status, renew dates, area driver reports.
    PLEASE NOTE: "Pending" status means an MVR has been requested; you MAY NOT DRIVE until you have a "Pass" status (an e-mail will be sent to you upon passing). Please allow three days to process the report.

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