2016 Year-End Gift

Your investment in Young Life Chicago-Northside has made a powerful impact on students in Chicago in 2016.  Students in our neighborhood and all across the city heard the good news of the gospel and your involvement has made a lasting imprint on the lives of many.  Thank you! 

As you get ready for 2017, we hope you will consider Young Life in your year-end giving plans.  Year-end gifts of any kind go a long way in sustaining our overall budget of $187,000. 


Thank you in advance for making Young Life a priority.  We are greatly looking forward to an exciting 2017. 

Making an eternal impact


With your support, our Young Life (high school) program is providing a safe, fun, and supportive community for students from north side high schools to grow together.

With your support, our WyldLife (junior high) program continues to deepen and widen its impact in the Greeley Elementary community of students, parents, and community members; becoming the heartbeat of our area.

With your support, our YoungLives (teen moms) program works with pregnant and/or parenting teens in Albany Park and Roosevelt HS, and recently launched an innovative Baby Wearing Dance Club that the girls love and want to bring their fellow teen moms to.


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